Down to the Sea – New edition

Down to the Sea has been reprinted with some new chapters, local bye-names, snapshots from the past & Seaboard Timeline.  You can purchase the book at the Seaboard Centre, or by emailing us or by telephone on 01862 832888.  The cost is £10.00 plus postage.


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The Road To Balintore

We premiered this film and new music to the words of Road To Balintore at the Fisherfolk Festival 2018.  Thank you to the degree students 2017/2018 of the UHI who made the film and composed the new music.  We hope you agree that the result is magical. 


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Fabulous Fish Fryday

On the last Friday of each month we become your local ‘chippy’.  Phone in your order and choose your collection time for fresh fish on a Fryday!


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Easter Ross Archers

Archers at the ready. 

Club resumes tonight at 7 p.m. 

New members welcome. 

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Scotland Through A Window


We read last year that CR Smith  had commissioned a marketing campaign focusing on Scotland through a window.  How delighted we are that our very own Mermaid of the North in Balintore features in this campaign.   Have you been on this tram yet?  Please share your photographs. 

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