Christmas Lockdown

The Seaboard Centre is currently closed due to the Christmas Lockdown.  We will follow

government guidelines as to when we are allowed to reopen and review this on 18th January. 

If you require any urgent assistance from our Covid-19 Resilience Team please contact us

by calling Norma on 07818024200.  Thank You.


Christmas in the Seaboard Villages


Christmas this year is very different from normal when we usually have the children from

Hilton of Cadboll Primary School with us for their Christmas Service.  We have prepared this

“White Christmas” for you. 

We hope that you enjoy it and have a Happy & Safe Christmas and a Happy & Healthy New Year.



The Seaboard Centre, also known as the Seaboard Memorial Hall, is a community run hall based in the Seaboard Villages of the Easter Ross area in Scotland. The hall provides facilities and services to the local community and beyond.

Check the Notice Board Below for all the up-to-date news and events taking place.








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